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Pain Fast Relief Balm For Headache, Cold & Backache.



Zandu Balm is India’s No 1 pain relieving balm. It is an iconic brand of Zandu portfolio and become a generic name for balms for most of the consumers. 
It is a trusted balm for over a hundred years. Zandu Balm is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy and considered as the best in the category.
 Zandu balm is one of the biggest pain management Balm.
Penetrates swiftly into the affected areas to deliver quick and long lasting relief from pain
Relaxes muscle stiffness and heals pain effectively
Rub onto the affected area and massage gently. Can also use along with a hot compress for muscular aches brand.
No.1 Ayurvedic remedy for headache, body ache and cold
100% Safe and Effective (No side-effects)
100 years of Trust

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