Skinco Baby

SKINCO - Skin Friendly Dresses

Skinco brand is producing and supplying skin friendly Clothing for babies! The skin safe baby clothing are manufactures and stitched in India using high quality materials of cotton. Our products have a good review, loyal customers and a brand value throughout the world now and it is now available in UK for whole sale and retail. Our back born and strength are well satisfied customers. The materials are germ free soft cotton cloths that will safeguard baby’s delicate skin and keep them away from allergic fabrics. They are manufactured highly hygienic for feather soft babies.

Materials Of Skin Comfort

We use innovative materials for soft baby skin which can be opened with just a single press and wipes dispensers. Soft cotton materials surround babies in comfort. We bring you hygienically tested fabrics better than you can get from anywhere else in the world. More than 65 SKINCO products with all the goodness essential for your babies are now available online to be delivered to your doorsteps and marketplace of wholesale and retail.

The Process

Materials Research
Component Selection
Preliminary Brief
Pattern Drafting

The Quality

Every choice we make is intended to help to safeguard the health of your baby’s sensitive skin. Cuties is our own line of baby care products, manufactured with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and value.

Raising the quality of a product can raise someone’s quality of life. We design, innovate, and manufacture with this in mind in the communities we are located in and for the markets we serve.

Skinco is the most recommended baby clothing

Right from the cradle through different stages of an infant’s growth, good quality linen fabrics are indispensable.

Winning Our Goal

  1. Detail Design Prototype – Finalise the design ready for manufacture
  2. Cost Model Analysis – Types of Production, Production Costs, Freight and Duty Costs, Margins and RRP
  3. Approach retailers in the industry with the hope of gaining orders to distribute directly through their outlets and readily established distribution network.
  4. Direct Selling though our web portal, Ebay and Amazon